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Alex mysterio here!!!Here is our Wwe dictionary:

Rung Twister: When a superstar is in the stairs and he can not go to the top!

Crowd Mouth: The orgy that feels a superstar when the crowd is laughing  at him!

Zebra Trapping: When a superstar is talking with the ref. so he can win!

Tiny Taunt: When a superstar is using a nano clone to laughing at his enemy!

Chewperstar:That means that every superstar is eating a gum.

The ref. zone:When a ref. is counting very slowly!

Pinfall:When a superstar is holding another superstar for 3” so he will get the win!

Disqualification(DQ):DQ means that if a superstar  use any weapon against his opponent he will lose the match!

Rope break:Rope break means that if a superstar is getting submissioned or pinfalled he can touch the rope and his opponent will leave him!

Submission:When a superstar makes another superstar to give up and take the win!

Royal Rumble:When 30 superstars are in the ring and try each other take out!The superstar who will be the last in the ring is the winner!

Lader Match:If you want to win this match you have to catch something that is very high!(You have to use the stairs to climb)

Handicap: Is a match which it is :  1 Superstar Vs 2 superstars or Tag Vs Trio or 1 Vs Tag or 1 vs Trio!

Hardcore : there you can use any item you want without DQ!

Last man Standing:If you want to win this match you have to take a superstar down for 10 seconds!

Money in the bank Match:Is a type of  a ladder match!

HighFlyer:Highflyers are superstars like Rey Mysterio and jeff Hardy!

Guest :A match can have a guest ref. The guest may be a superstar like  the match : Crish Jericho Vs Batista Special Guest  Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Sweet Chin Music:Shawn Michael’s (HBK) Signature Move

619:Rey Mysterio’s Signature Move

Batista Bomb:Batista’s Signature Move

Spear:Edge’s Signature move

Twist of Fate:Jeff Hardy’s Signature Move

Swanton Bomb: Jeff Hardy’s Signature Move

Tombstone:Undertaker’s Signature Move

Stone Cold’s Stuner:Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Signature Move

Pedigree:Triple H’s Signature Move

Chockeslam:Undertaker’s Signature Move

For more Signature moves go to the wwe Signature Moves page at this site!

High Flop:When a superstar is trying to jump at his oppenent but he does not success the move and hurt himself!


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  1. Cool Page!I will tell to Mr Mcmahon if he want a page like this at wwe.com!Of course we will ass a link of your site at the post 🙂

    Comment by WWE Reporter — March 27, 2009 @ 1:57 pm

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